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BeYOUtiful Workshops

A BeYOUtiful young women who is in the process of learning to know, accept and love herself on all levels, MIND BODY and SOUL.

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BeYOUtiful is an 8-week programme that equips young women aged in years 11, 12 & 13 to discover their full potential in a fun creative space.


To help young women find confidence within and
to teach them tools and strategies to help them to be their beYOUtiful self-inside and out.


We support and encourage young women to be their authentic self.
To inspire and gain self-confidence, self-worth and self-care though self-love. To Be YOU and love you.


BeYOUtiful is an interactive experience. Each week Jacqui O’Connor and Dee Petit opens the circle with gratitude and mindfulness exercises followed by a series of dance movements encouraging self-expression. We do creative art projects each week and generate discussions with regards to issues that are important to the young women and emphasize the importance of:

  • Self-love feeds the soul and reflects self-acceptance & self-worth
  • Creativity & play nurtures the soul allowing our imagination to expand
  • Gratitude brings us back to what matters…love
  • Setting healthy boundaries provides protection and supports one’s values
  • Mind-Body-Spirit connection with universal energy
  • Mindfulness for centeredness, balance and connection
  • Healthy Body- Healthy Mind
  • Visualizing. Journaling. Communication
  • Group participation motivates emphasis on family involvement
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Jacqui O'Connor
Jacqui O'ConnorCheerleader
Jacqui has been a Registered Nurse for 22 years, working with women and families and in psychosocial nurse management. Through lived experience, Jacqui has discovered the benefits of sustained energy and find joy in sharing the tools she's mastered with others.
Dee Petit
Dee PetitCheerleader
Dee’s passion is to inspire, coach and teach women to live in their hearts and feel the love that is there, wanting to be explored and expressed through creative dance, meditation and creativity. To find one’s Magic, to sing one’s Song!

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