Project Description

Nurse Jacqui’s workshop are for young women from 9 years + and a significant female in their lives.
These workshops takes the worst about being a woman and turns it into the best thing. I urge others to stop treating periods like the nature’s consolation prize for woman, banishing the notion that hormones reduce us to being random emotional rollercoasters.
The truth is, the menstrual cycle has benefits – big fantastic, daily, monthly, even lifelong benefits.
Every month, you have four hormonal phases that keep coming around, just like seasons.
Each phase bears its own gifts and ways of making us feel: a time to dream, a time to do, a time to give and a time to take. Once you know what these seasons are, you can predict them, plan for them and use them over and over again. In fact, harnessing your period superpowers will make you unstoppable.
First 15 mins Everyone
1.15 mins Young women only
Rest of the time Everyone
Investment includes 3 fun, creative hours & a goodie bag with discount codes to period products
Becoming an expert in recognising what you need at different times of the month, and learn how every cycle gives you a chance to cultivate the most important relationship of your life: the one with your precious self. It’s pretty bloody amazing.