It's time for you to rise!

Carer? You offer a safe place for the world, but has the world been a safe place for you?

Carer Coaching
Let me coach you to a better understanding and appreciation of your body, mind and soul.  My vision for you is that you will finally celebrate your WHOLE being, heal from your traumas and improve your self-worth and self-belief.  

Future Carer Mentoring
Are you under 25? You are still growing up, and have your whole life ahead of you, there is a lot to get your head around. Allow me to collab in your life for a bit. I’m here to help you show up in the world with confidence and trust in your body and mind, so you can deal to the curve balls like a ninja.

Whether it’s coaching or mentoring, I’m here to help you embrace, empower and elevate yourself.

You will learn how to:

  • Acknowledge, heal, and move forward from your trauma
  • Be whole - understand and celebrate your body, mind and soul
  • Create unstoppable self-worth, inner confidence and self belief

Start living your best life.

8 x 45 min coaching calls $1499 (inc gst) limited time offer
EAP and Gumboot Friday funding available

"My journey with Jacqui has been ongoing and I have loved every moment of it. If you seek holistic, gentle, real life coaching based on experience then this is the only place to come to. I'm a midwife and a mother of 2. One of my children a beautiful boy who is 18 has autism and end stage Cystic Fibrosis. This journey has supported me through burnout as a midwife and helping me with the awful grief of the impending loss of my son. Jacqui has not ever tried to talk away my pain, rather she has helped me to embrace it, seeing vulnerability as a strength, no longer wearing the mask of martyr I'm now raw, real, in tune and strong in a different way. I now seek opportunities for daily joy, plants, crystals, music, nature and movement and my world and what's important has realigned for the better. Eternally grateful and know my journey will continue. So if you are ready to get real, holistic, healing don't look anywhere else."  Rebekah – Midwife

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