1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching

Ready to Elevate Your Life?
Create Unstoppable Self – Belief, Inner Confidence and Own Your Self – Worth?


Heart Place with Nurse Jacqui offers 45 minute 1:1 life coaching sessions in person or via zoom.
EAP funding available

Investment for 3 sessions $375 inc gst
(Limited time offer)

1:1 Mentoring

1:1 Mentoring

Mentoring can have a powerful and positive influence on the lives of young people as they negotiate milestones and curve balls as they transition into adulthood.

It’s my mission for all Carers including our future Carers to not be ashamed of themselves, to be comfortable with the changes they are going through, and to trust their bodies.

Heart Place with Nurse Jacqui offers  45 minute 1:1 mentoring sessions in person or via zoom.
EAP funding available

Investment for 3 sessions $375 inc gst
(Limited time offer)


From Miss 12, said she was feeling 5/10 and awkward when she arrived at the workshop and left feeling 9/10 and empowered


“I had the absolute privilege of attending Jacqui’s Empowered Cycles Masterclass and it was life changing! The wealth of information compiled and Jacqui’s passionate delivery allowed me to learn and embrace a whole new way of looking at my monthly cycle. As a result I feel much more informed and empowered and have found myself being much more compassionate to myself than I’ve ever been before. All women need this knowledge and Jacqui does a fantastic job of sharing it! Thank you x”


“Thank you, Nurse Jacqui, we thoroughly enjoyed the session yesterday and my princess and I are still beaming about it”


“Thank you for the snow globe, it was very good and highlighted how far I have come on making sure my daughter’s experience is “different” to mine.

I loved the positive period messages and the body positive meditation”

“Thank you so much my daughter and I both absolutely loved your workshop. Your gentle wise, loving and spiritually connected style had our full attention. I only wish I had received this brilliant education when I started my journey into womanhood. I highly recommend Nurse Jacqui, her care and commitment to empowering young girls is second to none.”


“Just wanted to say Thank you for Sunday. My young lady and I LOVED today – we are both feeling amazing and loving our wonderful earth suits!

And check out what she popped up on the fridge (cycle chart) You are amazing Nurse Jacqui! Much love and gratitude from us x…”


“Hello, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for last Monday (international Womens Day Nurse Jacqui Cycle Masterclass)

As someone who was put on the pill at a relatively young age to regulate my periods, I found some of the content confronting as it challenged so many of my beliefs about periods and being on the pill. But as I let the information sink in I realised how much it made sense and I started tracking my last two periods and looking at my moods. I feel like now I can predict when my inner critic is going to pop up and to not put pressure on myself during those times.

I hope we get to see each other at another Dreamers Duo event in the near future.

Aroha nui”


“Mōrena Jacqui. just wanted to say thank you for the course. it’s opened up a whole new way for my daughter and I to talk about periods. it’s a new understanding for me around seasons and my full time study(distance). I’ve reached out to my study community and there are a number of people who use the seasons to make study efficient and have offered support to me. last night I had a chat with my daughter about what im doing and how it might help her in the future. it’s been a moment of clarity for me, for which im truly grateful for your work and passion. Thank you”


I just wanted to say Jacqui’s workshop was really great.  Eva felt special having some time with just me.  I always mean to have 1 on 1 time with her but it never eventuates.  And we both learnt a lot.  I think it’s helped me better understand where we both are in our cycles and to be a bit more empathetic towards her behaviour.  The behaviour and attitude that would have normally driven me mad.  It was also lovely to spend some more time chatting with Anna and having some mum time too.  I totally recommend you do it with your girls and maybe team up so you can go for coffee when the girls have there craft time with Jacqui.

Oh by the way @Jacqui O’Connor I meant to say Eva is keen for us to do her special rite of passage moment over the next couple of days while they aren’t at school.  Watch this space (they had a pedicure and eye brow wax session together)


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