Menstruators, it's time to flip
the narrative!

It’s time to lose the disempowering mindset and negative language associated with monthly cycles.

Join me in my next “Empowered Periods” workshop as we re-discover the lost wisdom of our cycles, and it’s phases.  When you learn how to dance to the beat of each phase, you will be unstoppable.

Learn how to:

  • Stop treating periods like nature’s ‘consolation prize’
  • Understand the rhythms and energy of a period cycle
  • Use each part of your cycle to your advantage
  • Discover the daily, monthly and lifetime benefits of your cycle

Join the next “Empowered Periods” workshop today!

2.5 hour workshop for you and a significant other, $99 (inc gst)

“Dear Nurse Jacqui, We had such a wonderful afternoon on Sunday.  My maiden was full of questions afterwards and we kept the conversation going well into the night.  We talked about periods, conception, childbirth, and even breastfeeding, all lead by her.  There were lots of wide-eyed moments, laughter and cuddles – it was really a special day.  Thank you for helping us to get those conversations underway”

Cherie and Ruby (11 years)

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