Meet Megan!

Hi, my name is Megan. I've been a registered nurse for 9 years, and I was a carer for my mama for 8 years. We journeyed through dementia together until she died last year. I've always worked in community based roles where my love has always been children and teens. Working in a high school opened my eyes to the reality of the health problems our teens are facing.Since working in general practice through the pandemic I have seen first hand the huge rise in mental health crisis our future carers are facing. I grew up being cared for by mama in all the alternative ways as she was a naturopath, homeopath, massage therapist, light colour therapist and reflexologist. Interestingly enough, since experiencing significant burn out, I have resorted back to all of these modalities to get myself well enough  to return to nursing. Meditation and brain gym at the beach before school was our daily routine and I look back on that with such gratitude. I have always enjoyed my role as an RN but know that there is more to our health than the western medicine that I work in. 

I met Jacqui working at healthline in lockdown 1.0 and she has been an amazing mentor to me ever since. I’ve been to many of her empowering period workshops and was in awe of what she was doing. To be able to educate girls, teens, and women (and our boys too!) Is the biggest privilege.If I had the information and support that Jacqui gives to her groups when I was struggling  as a teenager, I would have had a very different experience. I cant wait to able to start sharing this knowledge, breaking down the taboo around periods, and empowering our young people. 

I hope to take these workshops into general practice to capture families, including the dads, and the LGBTQ community , because it really does take a village to care for each other.

Meet Deb!

I am Deb, a woman on a mission to transform and elevate the lives of more than 1 million women. My passion is helping professional women just like you to discover and step into their power, giving them the confidence to take their life and career to the next level. 

I’m on a mission to help women all over the world to release all constraints, fears, and doubts that stop them from recognising and reaching their true potential. When we tell ourselves we’re not living up to our full potential, we’re basically saying that we’re not good enough. That’s a disempowering lie.

Talk to me openly, and I will never judge you. I am authentic, straight up, and I tell it like it is, but it always comes from a place of love.

I had to go through my own transformational journey before I could truly help anyone else.

In my previous professional career, I longed for meaning and purpose in my work. Then life threw me some big curve balls, and my relationships and wellbeing suffered hugely. I realised I had to look within myself to find the way forward. Natural remedies, coaching and energy healing restored my body and my mind. This ignited a passion to help others gain the same awareness, clarity and freedom so they can live powerfully.

I’m a lifelong learner and a certified coach. My qualifications include a ICF (International Coach Federation) Advanced Momentum Life Coaching certification, Neuro Transformational Coaching, including Transformational Timeline Therapy, Evolved Coach certification, and a diploma in Psychology. I am NLP certified and practice Usui Reiki, Kinesiology, and Theta Healing. Throughout this journey I have learned that with the right mindset, you can achieve anything.

Now I’m living my true purpose, helping women around the world with their own life-changing personal and professional transformations.

What attracted me to training to become and Empowered Period Facilitator? I attended an empowered period workshop with my daughter and aside from the fact that we loved the educational experience and the game changer it has been for my family.

This journey aligns with my passion of working with woman and is a magical introduction to working with the young maidens of our future. Supporting them through their formative years to realize the importance of nourishing their minds, creating empowered beliefs and understanding their bodies in order for them to step into a more powerful and connected future. 

I am humbled and grateful for the journey.

Meet Laura!

Hi, my name is Laura. I’m a healer and feminine embodiment coach, working in tantric and body-based practises helping people to become more intimate with their internal felt senses and to tune in to their bodies natural wisdom. 

I hold the belief that the answers we seek lie within us and if we are sensitive enough to listen, we will feel and know intuitively what it is that we need and desire. This is my life mission, to help others rediscover this superpower that we all instinctively hold and to deepen our connection to not only ourselves but the world around us.

On the side of my embodiment mission, I also freelance in social media marketing, working with a few special brands that hold the values of transformation and change and hold a background in herbal medicine and naturopathy from Wellpark College. 

I am currently in the process of completing my certification at the School of Embodied Arts and I plan to launch my coaching programme in early 2022. As you will see by now, embodiment is a huge passion of mine which is why I joined Nurse Jacqui in Kate Sheppard 2.0 on this beautiful mission to learn and teach the knowledge and wisdom of menstrual cycles and the lifelong benefits!

Let’s normalise and encourage these healthy conversations! Together we can break down the outdated model of taboo and shame and replace it with the rich knowledge of the past and celebrate the true power of the period.

Meet Becca!

A few years ago Becca avoided becoming another corporate burnout statistic when she listened to her internal guidance to "push pause" on her successful financial services career, pull her daughters out of school, and embark on a year long caravan trip around Aotearoa. Becca's daughters were unschooled during this time, and her involvement in the unschooling community introduced her to Lucy AitkenRead, who facilitated a Dancing Forest Sisterhood retreat where Becca first learnt about the seasonal power of her menstrual cycle.

The trip was the sea change Becca needed to drastically reconsider what she needed in life to be happy and fulfilled and she is now fully in touch with her divine feminine and empowered with the knowledge of how to harness her feminine energy. Becca is committed to guiding her daughters to grow into fearless wāhine toa and as part of this, she and her two eldest daughters attended Empowered Period workshops last year with Nurse Jacqui. Since then, she has felt intuitively called to share the knowledge she wished she had received 20 plus years ago with all people who have periods, because she knows it can be life-saving.

After a lot of transformative change, Becca and her daughters have now settled in Cambridge and she would love to facilitate Empowered Period workshops across the Waikato region.

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