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The wonderful workshop for young women aged 9 – 13 years and a significant female in their lives (mum, aunty, grandma, step mum, carer etc)…
Jacqui is very passionate about bringing this information to women — in a simple, straightforward way that empowers them.
1.30pm Everyone
1.45– 3pm Young women only
3pm – 4pm Mum’s join in
4pm -4.30pm Afternoon tea
$60 investment includes goodie bag, pm tea and discount codes to several NZ period product providers
These workshops are about more than just periods. They’re about women, young and old, taking the power back into our own hands.
We are blessed to live in a time where our girls can enjoy the stepping into womanhood 💗
These workshops help girls to:
– Understand the signs (so it’s not a surprise when it happens)
– Talk about all the sustainable products available and how they work (samples available to look, touch) and discount codes for purchases
– look at the ways your hormones effect your body and mind in the lead up, during and following. ‘The Seasons’
– Practise mindfulness techniques
– Selfcare 🙌
– How to create the perfect ‘Rite of passage’ for your girl
$60 for a 3hr incredible workshop 💗