I was lucky enough to be introduced to Jacqui’s work at Splore festival. Her outgoing vibe, caring way and positivity really captured me. From here we got together and worked together on a number of Mindfulness based projects. Going forward I wish Jacqui nothing but success. This is a lady who has worked in a stressful career always putting others first, from this Jacqui has built up so much knowledge and information. Everyone who attends her workshops leaves with 3 things, self-love, a new thought pattern and a smile. Jacqui’s all-round rebalancing of mind, body and soul is worth the investment, from Reiki healing to designing your own vision board. When you join her in the magical environment of Heart Place you will be so thankful that you did. Thank you for sharing your love and uniqueness with the world and here’s to us working together in the future. Put Heart Place on you “to do ” list today you won’t regret it.


Lyn-Marie Harris, DizziePixieDesigns

I have known Jacqui for the past twelve years. During that time, we’ve lived together in the same village of Point Chevalier where she truly is a pillar of our community. She has been centrally involved in so many ways. From being active on the Plunket, Kindy and school fundraiser teams for many years and tirelessly giving hours of her time supporting the netball teams and all the kids of Pt Chev. to arranging the building of two small community libraries within the village. She continues to support the community by arranging pastoral care whenever one of us is in need and now works to supports and encourages those carers who need to replenish and recharge themselves. Her kindness, empathy and positivity leaves us all feeling better about ourselves and I feel very fortunate to have her as a friend.

Jo, Auckland

“Hey Jacqui, thanks so much for having both Ruby and I on Sunday, we both learnt heaps, i found the whole hormone cycle intriguing I knew about it but hadn’t thought of it on an emotional level before. It all fits. I have now bought a set of period knickers and a menstrual cup to help save our planet and sounds like they are both so much more comfortable and easy to use thank standard supermarket gear. I took the below photo of Ruby on her way out the door this morning (with her menstrual cycle dream catcher key ring attached to her school bag as you suggested)

She’s been teaching her friends about the seasons. Again, thanks heaps.” 

Sarah, Nurse/mum

“I just wanted to say my daughter & I really enjoyed your workshop. I had tried to explain some things to her before, but I really liked how you explained the emotions that come with your cycle. She really likes her kete, and has her crystals and oils by her bed.

As a bonus, the workshop prompted me to contact my GP about my own irregular cycle. As a result, I have made some changes to my diet and it seems to be coming back to normal. Thanks for caring, and for making being female great”

Anonymous, Mum

“In this crazy busy stressful life I lead, Jacqui has given me the tools for better balance and importantly inner peace. Her approach is realistic and easy to put into everyday practice. I’m also a health professional and raising a disabled child. Jacqui’s philosophy of ‘caring for the carers’ is wonderful! For the first time, I’m learning and giving myself permission and tools from her to learn to look after myself…from the inside out. Thank you for being you, Jacqui!”


Bec, Nurse/Client

Jacqui is such an amazing woman, Always showing kindness to all by helping us woman make a difference in our well being. I can always count on Jacqui to support and share her caring tools to better my own personal well being

Monica , School Teacher/Client

Jacqui has a created such a beautiful, nurturing space. She is so gifted in all her healing modalities and a wonderful cheerleader for everyone she meets

Jodi, Client Testimonial

Jacqui has a created such a beautiful, nurturing space. She is so gifted in all her healing modalities and a wonderful cheerleader for everyone she meets

Jodi, Client Testimonial

BeYOUtiful Workshop

“Thank you, Jacqui & Dee, It’s Sooo Much Fun!!” Sophie, 12, Auckland

“Can’t recommend this highly enough. My 12-year-old is loving it and being taught skills that will guide her through the tumultuous teen years and beyond” Jo, Auckland

“Georgia really enjoyed these two days and learnt a lot about herself and tools to arm her through her teenage years. Gosh – I wish this was available when I was pre-teen. I’d even enjoy it now. Georgia may be keen to do more” Jackie, Auckland

“Would thoroughly recommend. Lily had the most fabulous time and learnt valuable lessons. Especially about body image etc, which is hard to teach your daughters when most of us struggle as adults. Thank you so much” Leigh, Auckland

“My twelve-year-old daughter Sophie has been attending Jacqui and Dee’s BeYOUtiful programme for the past two terms. As a mum, I often wonder if I’m doing enough to help her navigate her way through her teenage years and into adulthood in the crazy digital and online age. BeYOUtiful has given her a warm and inclusive space in which to experience positive creative ways to begin her journey. From journaling to meditation, yoga to vision boards – she has absolutely loved the programme. Dee and Jacqui have created such a gentle, kind space that instils confidence in all the girls to speak openly and find their authentic voice. She’s been introduced to strong, positive female role models that have made a real impact on her. She has also bought the skill and knowledge back home and has encouraged the whole family to communicate more effectively at a weekly meeting. I know with certainty that with what Sophie has learnt from BeYOUtiful she now feels empowered and confident heading into high-school. As a parent, I’m so grateful that she’s been afforded this opportunity and I would highly recommend the programme to any family with young teenagers. Jo,Auckland

I don’t like going to school holiday programmes, but I love coming to BeYOUtiful because it is a workshop and there is so much to learn” Izzy, Auckland

“I wish every school day was like today, I’ve learnt so much” Rose, Auckland

Thanks Jacqui and Dee, both B & l loved the opportunity to share their stories and triumphs over adversity with a lovely bunch of positive and kind wahine. They loved every second of it! Nga mihi Kate – mum

BeYOUtiful, Workshop