Empowered Period Online workshop for Health Professionals

This online event is available for anyone who cares for those who have a period, had a period or still to start their period. With community Nurse Megan & Nurse Jacqui

These workshops take the worst about being a person with a period and turns it into the best thing.
The truth is, the menstrual cycle has benefits – big fantastic, daily, monthly, even lifelong benefits.
Becoming an expert in recognising what you or someone in your life needs at different times of the month and learn how every cycle gives you a chance to cultivate the most important relationship of your life: the one with your precious self. It’s pretty bloody amazing.

PDRP hours certificate provided

When: Thursday 18th November 2021
Where: Online
Time: 12pm – 1pm
Price: Your investment is $99 (inc gst) zoom account. Share with your colleagues.

Healing Professional Masterclass

If you're a Carer who has found yourself in a position of looking for a new job I have the place for you to heal and make good from this defining moment!

The world desperately needs healers, lovers and kind people now more than EVER!!!

I understand you're probably pissed, pretty dark and a good dose of anger thrown in right now - I get it, I was too when I stepped away after 26 years of being a traditional Carer when I wasn't valued, respected, supported and given a safe space to serve.

However, I have discovered another way of serving others, making good of my defining moments and I want to share that with you or someone you might know in this position.

Join me and other HEALING PROFESSIONALS in a FREE healing space to discuss where you can advocate for yourself, learn robust healthy boundaries, craft a life that best suits you as well as share your super powers of caring with the world

When: Tuesday 23rd November 
Where: Online
Time: 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM
Price: Free

Empowered Periods Workshop

Let's stop treating periods like the nature’s consolation prize and empower our young women to embrace the benefits of her cycle. With Laura Jane Surrich

Join Laura in this fun, light and creative workshop for mums and their young women. Where we take the "worst" things about being a menstruator and turn them into the best things.
The truth is, the menstrual cycle has benefits – big fantastic, daily, monthly, even lifelong benefits.
Backed and aligned by science but packaged very differently to your school education. This is a great way for you and your daughter to prepare, learn and celebrate embracing her womanhood.
This workshop is for our maidens age 9-13 and their significant other.

When: Saturday 11th December 2021
Where: Onepoto Domain, Northcote, Auckland
Time: 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Price: Your investment is $99 (inc gst) for you and a significant other includes entry for 2, a value packed 2.5 hour workshop, a goodie bag and discount codes for some amazing NZ Menstrual Cycle products.

- This will be a limited ticketed event.

My Mission

To offer the kind of care that has been missing. The kind of care that would have keptmany in their carer roles, rather than tapping out.  The kind of advice, support and tools weall need to advocate for ourselves, keep ourselves topped up and able to continue doing what we love.

Is it time to start working with Jacqui,
to learn to take care of yourself as carer?