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Welcome to Heart Place Hospital

Heart Place Hospital is on the mission to feminize the broken, outdated, patriarchal health and education system reclaim love as a healing practice, bring spirituality back to medicine, encourage people/healer collaboration, empower patients to heal themselves, and change how we deliver and receive health care.

From Hot Mess to Hot Healed Success!

I am here to support humanity, guide, offer tools from my expertise, and hold space for the process, however I will not “fix” anyone - for I do not believe anyone is broken and I hold the vision for all our wholeness.

It’s time to create great change from the chaos!

Heart Place Hospital offers everything I wish had been available to me when I first looked for support and felt lost and alone, having jumped off the Mother Ship of conventional medicine but feeling adrift in a vast ocean of uncertainty. I have spent the past six plus years researching the cutting edge of what really makes people sick and what really makes our bodies ripe for miracles, and everything I've learned-everything I wish they had taught me in nursing and life but didn't-I offer to Healers and future Healers. This is my  offering to the transformation of consciousness that is currently underway on our planet, and I offer it with my whole cracked open heart .

Meet Jacqui

I began my career in nursing wanting to care for the world, just as I had been cared for.  I left my career in nursing wanting to care for the carers, just as I hadn’t been cared for.

My mission is to offer the kind of care that has been missing.  The kind of care that would have kept many in their carer roles, rather than tapping out.  The kind of advice, support and tools we all need to advocate for ourselves, keep ourselves topped up and able to continue doing what we love.